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Entire Line of SpiritWorks Software Upgraded

Contact: Garth Catterall-Heart
Phone: 503-560-1028
E-MAIL: info@spiritworks-software.com
Graphics available upon request

Productivity Software Updated for Use with Vista and Mac OSX

McMinnville, OR, April 23, 2007. SpiritWorks Software released new versions of all their popular Tracker Programs today. These new versions work much better in Mac OSX 10.4 (including Intel Macs) and in the new Vista operating system.

Inventory Tracker Plus received the biggest changes of any single program, with a more streamlined method of entering inventory items, wider fields for item descriptions, and easier navigation to other records in the database. The Inventory Report and Invoice Creator Report sections have also been improved.

In addition to many other improvements, new changes include:

* Default colors are now subdued in all components. Full color control is still available in the Preferences window.

* Windows now open in a new window by default and reopen when opening th programs.

* All Reports are now presented as tables.

* All reports have date range selectors.

* Improved report and invoice printing.

* Backups are now automatic by default and do not copy over older bak files.

SpiritWorks Software Development, is a developer of personal productivity software for self-employed professionals, small businesses and property rental managers. Their small business information management products, are designed to help customers streamline their businesses, increase productivity and raise profit margins. SpiritWorks offers the following programs:

Activity & Expense Tracker - this accounting software will record your time, activities and expenses for any number of clients and projects, and easily generate reports and invoices for printing or exporting as a time sheet. Updated to version 5.8.0 on April 23, 2007. The Table View allows access to many records at once.

Activity & Expense Tracker Plus - this billing and time tracking software also keeps track of all your invoices, contacts, schedules, tasks and even passwords. Includes the Universal Calculator which handles numbers, dates, times, measures and money. Updated to version 1.8.0 on April 23, 2007. Great for professionals with many clients and invoices to keep track of.

Inventory Tracker Plus - this small business accounting software manages all your products and generates invoices, packing slips, shipping labels and inventory reports. Updated to version 2.8.0 on April 23, 2007. Great tool for eBay and other Auction Sellers.

Rental Property Tracker Plus is the perfect accounting software solution for landlords and property rental managers who need to manage tenants, rental property, income and expenses. Updated to version 1.9.0 on April 23, 2007. This property rental software has many features for international users and property managers!

Small Business Tracker Deluxe - this is a complete business management software suite that helps you manage your time, expenses and invoices. This product is an ideal home business software package too! Updated to version 1.8.0 on April 23, 2007. This small business software will also help you keep track of all your contacts, appointments, schedules, tasks, passwords, vehicle expenses, and inventory.

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is a Complete Hospitality Software program for Short Term Rental Properties that helps owners or managers of vacation rentals (rooms, condos, houses, cabins, etc.), manage reservations, units, guests, housekeeping, rental income and expenses. Send form letters to mailing lists of guests, etc. Updated to version 1.4.0 on April 23, 2007. This vacation rental software also has many features for international users and property managers!

For more information about the quality software offered by SpiritWorks Software Development, please e-mail them at info@spiritworks-software.com or visit the company Web site at www.spiritworks-software.com. You can download a free trial of each program. Technical support is included in the price of a registration number.